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Following the successful distribution of 25,000 PackH2O Water Backpacks in Kenya, Partners for Care continues their work in eradicating preventable, waterborne diseases.

Nairobi, Kenya:(February 9, 2016): With over 25,000 packH2O Water Backpacks now deployed in over 15 different Kenyan counties, the Partners for Care Team has reached over 100,000 lives by distributing the packs and sharing the importance of safe water. Focusing on water-stressed communities, the team has traveled to many diverse locations, from the slums of Nairobi to Kilifi County on the coast.

Partners for Care (PFC) is an Atlanta-based non-profit organization working in East Africa to decrease the number of people dying from preventable diseases. The PFC team is now introducing packH2O Water Backpacks to schools across Kenya through their Packs for Kids Program.  The objective of the program is to provide one packh2O in every classroom so that children have access to safe water.

David Chanzera, Partners for Care’s Safe Water Director in Kenya, commented on the impact of this program stating that, “Every time we provide a pack to a classroom, we observe positive results, such as reduction of symptoms caused by waterborne illness.”

The Partners for Care team is specifically excited about their work with the packh2o Water Backpack in Homa Bay, Kenya. Over the course of the past twelve months, a series of cholera outbreaks has swept through the area due to water insecurity, and the water backpacks are providing a solution for clean water transportation and storage.

Partners for Care CEO Connie Cheren added, “Our team sees preventable diseases caused by waterborne pathogens on a daily basis. Safe water practices are lacking. Using the packH2O as a teaching tool to improve health, we are seeing significant results that are changing people’s lives. The packH2O Water Backpacks we introduced saved lives. It’s that simple. The for-purpose water backpack protects and secures personal water and shields against the spread of cholera.”

With over 18M Kenyans lacking access to running water, Partners for Care acknowledges that more packs are going to be needed to address the national concerns around safe water. Said Cheren; “I know we need to reach many more Kenyans, but are grateful for our partners, Impact Economics and PackH2O who’s fundraising, marketing, and logistics expertise has been invaluable to this program. We are also grateful to the Harold C. Schott Foundation for their support of our work to get packH2O water packs to communities in need.“

For more information on the Packs for Kids campaign and to contribute to the program, please visit: http://www.partnersforcare.org/packs-for-kids-donate/

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