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One in seven people live without access to clean water across the globe, and nowhere is that scarcity felt more acutely in the western hemisphere than in Haiti. Almost 70% of the population don’t have direct access to potable water. In March 2016 Tristar, a Liquid Logistic Solutions provider, donated 100 packH2O water backpacks to a community in Haiti.

With a regional headquarters in the country, Tristar could see clearly that the need for easy and safe water transportation was critical to the citizens. In the town of Kenscoff they have to walk for four hours over the mountain to collect water, and this was all done without a proper way to carry the precious water back home.

Kenscoff is close to Port-Au-Prince with a population of about 52,000, all without sufficient water resources. The water backpack will help the members of the community carry the water home without straining their neck and back by balancing buckets on their heads. Instead the weight will be distributed on their shoulders, keeping their hands free. The pack will also help keep the water safer, as its durable lining can be sanitized in the sun.
The donation is helping to bring the world one step closer to safer water for all, working to bridge the gap between the one billion people without access to clean water and the six billion who do. Thank you to Tristar for distributing the packs and promoting safer water to the Kenscoff community in Haiti!

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