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packH2O was a proud partner of the Running Water 5k & 10k Challenge at Ohio State University on October 2nd.

The CHALLENGE: a 10K team “ruck” event carrying a packH2O water pack filled with 2 gallons (16lbs) of water. Each team will be made up of four individuals carrying their own Packh2O pack. Team times will be scored averaging out the race times of each team member; team with the lowest collective time will be considered The CHALLENGE winner. The CHALLENGE and any water pack races are set up to mimic the routine that the families in water-stressed areas of the world must navigate daily to provide usable water to their homes. Each PackH2O pack can carry up to 5 gallons of water and can provide water for up to five individuals each time it is filled. PackH2O has donated thousands of packs worldwide impacting many families.

The event was a wonderful success where packH2O partners were able to reach hundreds of people who were interested in doing their part in alleviating the stresses caused by the international water crisis. Included are some images from the event.

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