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I recently had the opportunity to attend the USGLC (United States Global Leadership Coalition) in Washington, DC on behalf of PackH2O. PackH2O was recognized by the USGLC as an innovative product and as part of their Innovations in Smart Power initiative. We were honored to be able to present and speak at the conference to over 700 attendees.

The goal of the event was to showcase American Entrepreneurs who were leveraging innovations in technology and smart power. In addition, these were tied towards how public and private sectors are working together to improve business opportunities here and around the globe.

The event opened my eyes to two specific issues. Firstly, there is a diverse and incredible talent pool that lies out there within the American business spirit. I spent time with a company who has developed peanut-based nutritional supplements for third world economies as well as a company that has been successful in creating and deploying a cookstove product to improve cooking conditions in those same environments. PackH2O was honored to be included in this group. The second issue that struck me as unique and interesting was the initiative continually being worked on by the US Government: working more closely with the private sector. The host for the evening – Liz Shrayer (Executive Director USGLKC) – did an outstanding job of conveying this message to the attendees.

Panelists included Sr. Decision Makers from Coca-Cola, Population Services International, Microsoft and Merck and Co. among others. Keynote speaker was Dr. Jim Yong Kim- President of the World Bank; he certainly captivated the audience with his words of wisdom.

Thank you USGLC for making PackH2O part of your conference.

Tony Somers
COO – Impact Economics

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