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Greif (NYSE: GEF, GEF.B), a world leader in industrial packaging, developed the PackH2O water backpack.  Greif has a manufacturing and distribution infrastructure in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and North and South American, within reach of most of the world’s water-stressed regions and disaster areas.

Learn more about the company’s commitment to applying business innovation to alleviate humanitarian issues. 

Operation Blessing International

Named one of the world's most influential charities, Operation Blessing partners with PackH2O to help alleviate the physical pain of carrying water home in some of the world’s most remote regions.

By carrying heavy water jugs atop their heads in traditional fashion, women suffer chronic pain and even spinal injury. To ensure villagers have a safer, healthier way to carry water to their homes, Operation Blessing is teaming up with PackH2O to distribute water-carrying backpacks to aid women and children in nations like Kenya and Haiti where these problems persist.

Learn more about how you can give through Operation Blessing and about their work in Kenya with PackH2O

Habitat for Humanity International

With efforts led by Liz Blake, Senior Vice President, Habitat for Humanity International has distributed PackH2O water backpacks in remote water-stressed regions in Kenya.  Blake first learned about the power of the PackH2O as part of Habitat’s relief efforts after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

Partners for Care

Most recently, Blake joined forces with Connie Cheren and Partners for Care to deliver more than 700 water backpacks for used by women and children in Kenya.  Read about how the water backpacks are changing lives in blog “Bury my BlackBerry in Africa.”

CxCatalysts & CEMACO

CEMACO and CxCatalysts have partnered with PackH2O to create Project Aguapac:  providing sustainable microfranchise opportunities for Guatemalan women at the base of the economic pyramid.  The partnership includes developing educational materials to developing price points that allow women to assemble and sell the water backpack.The PackH2O is branded as Aguapac for CEMACO/CxCatalysts.

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Partners In Health

A leading medical non-profit, the mission of Partners in Health (PiH) is to deliver quality medical care to the world's poor. PiH joined forces with Greif early in 2010 to advance the design, testing and distribution of the life-saving water backpack. PiH worked closely with Greif and community leaders in Haiti to deliver 2,000 water backpacks to community leaders, study how the packs were actually used and capture user feedback that was incorporated into the latest iteration of the PackH2O design.