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Each and every day, Esther walks up to 6 miles to gather water for her family. With no running water available to her, she has no choice. She must have water for cooking, cleaning, washing, and drinking.

Esther’s family relies on her to bear this burden and often, she is not alone. Most days, Esther’s children help her carry water from the well to her home as part of the daily routine. Using old buckets, jerry cans, and plastic containers, Esther’s role as water bearer is paramount to her family’s well being.

Operation Blessing visited Nairobi, Kenya in the hopes to help people like Esther. They too see the importance of water and wanted to make a difference. After building a well closer the village it was apparent what was going to happen. Villagers were filling dirty containers with clean water.

When Esther was given the PackH2O, water backpack, her daily routine immediately changed for the better. Prior to PackH2O, she would carry water on her head and in her hands with containers that leaked, spilled and, quite often, were dirty and contaminated. Within minutes of putting the pack on her back and learning about how the PackH2O solution could improve her water transportation process, Esther realized her life had changed. The water backpack was more comfortable, allowed for the weight to be shifted to the shoulders, and provided a system that allowed for water to be easily loaded, tied off and dispensed once she arrived home.

PackH2O will change more than the life of Esther. It will change the lives of others in her community who use the pack. It will change her children’s lives. It will change the lives of the over 1 billion people around the world who wrestle with similar stories to Esther. It will be the difference between an existing system that is outdated. It will be recognized as a solution and provide hope for the future.

Help Esther. Help us Carry Hope.

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