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Creative Women: Creative Business
Sao Paulo 14-16, 2015

In its 25th anniversary, the Global Summit of Women was held in Brazil from 14-16 May at the Hyatt in Sao Paulo. There were more than 100 speakers and audience of over 2,000 people with representatives of civil society, NGOs, businesses and institutions around the world. Representatives from Africa, Asia, Europe, United States, Central and South Americas besides Brazil, were a sample of the cultural diversity of the event. Under the theme of Creative Women: Creative business, the event promoted discussions, presented successful cases and promoted business for women, including solutions in the area of health, gender equality, sustainable development, education and access to finance and natural resources.

Eduardo Simoniello VP of Greif Latin America shared the stage with Katherine Sharp, VP Group Gender Diversity of Technip (UK), Paula Santilli, General Manager of Pepisco (Mexico), Felton da Itaipu Bi-national Itaipu (Brazil) and Raissa Mueller, inventor. (Brazil) Moderated by Katherine Sharp, Pepsico demonstrated how the rational use of water in all industrial plants reduced consumption and encouraged the reuse of water by almost 40 %. Nelton Frederich Itaipu, presented Farming Project to Agua Boa spanning more than 20 programs that involve family agriculture, gender equality, health, education, food production etc. Raissa Muller, one high school student of only 19, presented a filter that was created from criptomelano designed for cleaning of rivers, lakes and oceans that had been polluted.

Under the theme: Water, the oil of the 21st Century, Eduardo Simoniello presented the challenges of access to safe water in the world and the innovative PackH2O which was developed by Greif and its’ CEO, David Fischer after a visit to Haiti, post earthquake, 2010. During his visit to Haiti, he saw women and children carrying water on a daily basis for many kilometers, making use of reused plastic containers that once held harmful chemicals & pesticides. Not satisfied with what he saw, he understood that within its area of ??operation, Greif had a responsibility & could make a change. PackH20 was created: an ergonomic water backpack with a removable liner which can hold 20 liters of water and when using SODIS (Solar disinfection method) can reduce up to 99% of germs and pathogens resident in the liner of the pack. A simple and inexpensive solution, the PackH2O is used today in many water stressed regions around the world. More than a million people have been positively impacted with more than 200,000 PackH2O’s being delivered in 35+ countries. PackH2O has partnerships with Habit for Humanity, The Clinton Global Initiative, Operation Blessing and Rotary International and has been recognized as an innovative product by MIT Sloan, Stanford Social Innovation, and the Smithsonian Institution.

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