packH2O is a health-focused solution that promotes safe water transportation and storage. Through use of its water backpack, water-stressed communities have a tool to improve health and positively impact lives.

The packH2O Water Backpack is an award winning and globally recognized product that has shifted the paradigm of water transportation and storage through deployments in 35 countries around the world.

With water-related diseases responsible for 80 per cent of all illnesses & deaths in the developing world, the built-for-purpose packH2O water backpack is designed to promote improved health and as a solution to ensure “safe water in” equates to “safe water out”. Like the mosquito net which, when used properly, restricts the spread of malaria, the packH2O is a prevention tool that assists in ensuring waterborne illnesses are severely reduced for the millions living in water stressed environments around the world.

With as many as 700 million people needing to walk long distances for their water on a daily basis, the packH2O brand promise is one of safety; and specifically, a promise that enables improved health when proper education and training are employed.

The Pack

An innovative solution.

A lightweight, ergonomic backpack that holds up to 20 liters of water and protects against contamination. Learn More

Our Partners

Aligned with our vision.

Our strategic partners help us to develop, fund, manufacture, and deploy packs across the globe. Learn More

Positive Change

Improving Health & Lives

More than 210,000 packs have been deployed in 35 countries, impacting over one million lives. Learn More

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Start today by contributing to one of our charitable partners or connecting with the packH2O Team to find a way to amplify our message and get more packs into areas of need.