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In December 2017, packH2O was featured in Philanthropreneurship with an article written by Tony Somers of Impact Economics.

It is estimated that over 1.5 billion live with water insecurity on a daily basis. Whether that is lack of access to water or proper sanitation options, approximately 1/5th of the world’s population endures daily struggles associated with basic water and water-related requirements.

Safe water. The belief that the water your family is consuming is the basis for good health and free of contaminants is an idea many of us take for granted. For those less fortunate whose lives are dictated and orchestrated by a regime tied to sourcing water for daily water needs, the experience is often very different.

Five years ago, the packH2O partnership recognized this issue and decided to do something and make a difference in this space. With many good organizations focused on well-drilling, filtration and sanitation, there came the realization that the Achilles Heel of safe water might be associated with something simple; something as easy as ensuring that the transportation and storage of water required an eloquent solution. What came of that understanding was the creation of the packH2O water backpack.

The packH2O water backpack is designed to transport and store water in a safe environment. Unlike jerry cans or discarded plastic containers, the packH2O water backpack is a “for purpose” solution designed to ease the daily burden of water transportation and storage. Worn on the shoulders and hips, the award winning pack is durable, lightweight and will keep water safe from outside contaminants. Perhaps no feature of the packH2O solution is more important than the fact that the pack can be cleaned. With an easily removed inner liner, the pack offers the user the ability to ensure that the integrity of the water is not compromised and with some very simple cleaning practices employed, safe water in will equal safe water out.

In under five years, the pack has been validated by a number of globally recognized NGO’s as a solution of value in the WASH space including Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity, Operation and Blessing and Partners for Care. Through the efforts of these organizations and others, over 225K packs are now deployed in over 35 countries.

And when it comes to impact, the packH2O solution is making a difference. With an assumed impact ratio of 5:1 (one pack assists the daily needs of a family of 5), over one million lives have been positively associated with the pack to date.

No one solution can impact all lives associated with the “Global Water Crisis”. The problems faced by the millions who have to traverse the landscape of water insecurity on a daily basis are vast and multi-dimensional. To do what is possible and to create and assist in the deployment of a solution is all we can ask of each other and ourselves. Knowing this and knowing the importance and impact of the packH2O solution, it is our belief that the packH2O water backpack is having impact and improving lives around the world.


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